Product Engineering

Customers Engagement Model

During the acceleration and scaling up phase, the Software Product companies face numerous challenges with respect to continuous product innovation, product enhancement and updates, introduction of new products in portfolio, cost control and striving towards shortening the product development lifecycles.

Advit team bring together proper blend of its rich technology and domain expertise to complement your software product engineering with constant product innovation, new product launch, lesser time-to-market and helping you to achieve leadership with large portfolios at much reduces costs.

Global Client Challenges

  • To perk-up margins with increase cost of operations
  • To continuously innovate and launch new products at the same time as sustaining with the existing product portfolios
  • Keeping abreast with software technology transformation such as Cloud computing, SaaS, and Mobile Computing
  • Shortening time –to-market
  • Localizing and customizing software products as per customer geography
  • Analysis customer buying behavior and their experience

Advit can offer you with

  • Product Testing and Quality assurance
  • Product Development
  • Research and Innovation
  • Product Support
  • Product Services and Maintenance

Value Proposition

  • Mitigate you risk – Join hands with expert in product development
  • Allocate your valuable and key resources for newer innovative product development
  • Partnering with Advit will help you to enhance revenue and market share by exploiting market adjacencies
  • Turn you fixed cost into variable of your R & D and support cost